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 Creating a More Constructive Culture

A Special Hands-on Culture Changing Process for

Individuals and Organizations:

“Designed to Create More Constructive Cultures”

Q: Why Do We Need More Constructive Cultures?

A: Culture Drives Performance!


As an Organization: Business performance (net income), as measured by

Kotter & Heskett:


Study of 207 firms over an eleven year period as reported in their book

Corporate Culture and Performance


     Defensive Culture                        Constructive Culture

Revenue                                         166%                                                           682%                                      


Employment                                   36%                                                            282%


Stock Prices                                     74%                                                            901%


Net Income                                       1%                                                             756%


As an Individual: Constructive cultures help us to perform to our potential…Think of sports teams that have winning cultures…where individual players excel and play to a higher level…

What is Organizational Culture?  How do we make it more Constructive?

The culture of an organization is the combined Beliefs, Attitudes, Habits, Expectations, and Comfort Zones of all the Individual Team Members…


hen individuals change their own beliefs, attitudes, habits, expectations, and comfort zones, then they are the key, to facilitating a constructive culture change, which will help each individual to perform to their potential, as shown in the diagrams above and below.



“…The single biggest advantage a company has is their culture…”

According to Patrick Lencioni, author of:  The Five Dysfunctions of a Team

And his new book:

The Advantage: Why Organizational Health Trumps Everything Else In Business


Attend our Process to learn concepts and techniques, to make changes in your personal and/or organizational life, that have been used by organizations including the following for over 30 years:

        Over 65% of the Fortune 500

        Every branch of the US Military

        Organizations like Boeing, Nordstrom, Caterpillar, Nexteer Automotive, W.W. Granger, and the Department of Labor

Who should attend?

·         Anyone who leads a project, team, organization, or community

·         Leaders who want to be significantly more effective, helping their team perform and utilize even more of their potential.


“If you change belief, you change performance.” — Gordon Graham

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