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Despite a 20-year career in the U.S. Navy, Kevin Brylski wasn’t sure how his experience would translate to his job as a sales manager for CDW, a Chicago-based provider of technology services and products.

“I had just spent 20 years of my life fighting wars or preparing to fight wars. I had been on teams before, but I had never been a member of a sales team,” says the 41-year-old native of Johnstown, Pennsylvania.

Fortunately for Brylski, CDW’s hiring managers did not consider that to be a handicap. Quite the opposite: CDW hired Brylski as a district sales manager of CDW’s Navy/Marine Corps Military Health Systems business in 2011, just days after he learned of the job. His ability to take charge, and think on his feet and put the mission first—in this case, serving CDW’s corporate clients—proved decisive, says Melissa McMahon, CDW’s senior director of talent acquisition.

Military veterans such as Brylski ...

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